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Improving healthcare is the mission of HealthLynked. HealthLynked focuses on improving healthcare services for patients as well as physicians. Our technology shortens wait time with online scheduling of appointments, Real time appointments by local providers and provides easy access to yours as well as your family's updated medical records.

Appointments can be comfortably made online and providing your healthcare provider access to your medical files. The website also makes it possible to link together family members and provide access to critical information in case of an emergency

Healthcare Providers

  • HealthLynked Physician Profile page enables physicians to create their profiles, based on their areas of expertise, making it easier for patients to book appointments with the most experienced providers.
  • HealthLynked Healthcare Summary page enables patients to keep their medical records updated, helping physicians to be more productive and provide valid medical care
  • HealthLynked profile information ensures that doctors don't prescribe potentially harmful medications in case a patient forgets to mention one or more current medication while talking to their doctor
  • Healthcare experts can easily be in touch with patients and offer their advice in case of emergencies through the Telemedicine Portal.
  • The system offers healthcare providers added revenue streams and opportunity for increased patient retention


  • HealthLynked Healthcare Summary enables patients to maintain a comprehensive medical profile in coordination with physicians
  • All information is systematically categorized so that physicians have a complete overview of patient health without them having to fill unnecessary paperwork
  • Appointment scheduling becomes easier and more time efficient as the appointment time and location can be easily printed out
  • No long waiting periods as patient health summary can be easily printed out by physicians
  • Since patient health file contains information about their family members too, they can be easily contacted in case of an emergency

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